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October 2023 Oakville and Burlington Real Estate Market Analysis

Tuesday Nov 07th, 2023


With the arrival of fall, the Oakville real estate market and Burlington real estate market each begin to reveal their seasonal narratives. Jamie Vieira & Associates, a leader among Burlington real estate agents and recognized as some of the best realtors in Oakville, brings you the latest market insights.

Oakville Market Overview

A Period of Transition

The Oakville real estate market is experiencing a time of transition. Average property prices have seen a decrease to $1,395,752, signaling a 6.17% dip from last year's figures. Despite a decrease in unit sales by 18.6%, the rise in active listings to 750 suggests a market that's expanding in options for prospective buyers.

Interest Rates and Market Dynamics

The influence of increased interest rates over the last year and a half cannot be overstated. Jamie Vieira & Associates is a major player in Oakville's market. They have closely observed and understood the challenges and opportunities brought by these changes.

Expert Advice for Sellers

As the best realtors in Oakville understand, sellers now must be strategic and informed to capture the attention of buyers in a competitive landscape. With a detailed understanding of market conditions, Jamie Vieira & Associates stand ready to guide sellers to success.

Burlington Market Insights

Steadfast Growth in a Shifting Environment

The Burlington real estate market tells a story of resilience with a slight increase in the average property price, suggesting a market that's holding steady amidst broader economic changes. However, the condo market has adjusted, offering a more accessible entry point for first-time buyers and investors.

The Burlington Advantage

As seasoned Burlington real estate agents, Jamie Vieira & Associates are adept at navigating these market shifts. The team's nuanced approach provides clients with an edge, whether they're entering the market for the first time or optimizing their investment strategy.

Buyer and Seller Strategies

In Burlington's evolving market landscape, both buyers and sellers are finding new ways to achieve their goals. With Jamie Vieira & Associates' expert guidance, clients can navigate the market's complexities to find their ideal real estate outcomes.


Embracing Individual Needs in a Diverse Market

Every buyer and seller has a unique story, a personal journey that brings them to the doorstep of new opportunities. At Jamie Vieira & Associates, we don't just track numbers; we listen to the narratives behind each transaction. Our approach is tailored to the individual aspirations and circumstances of our clients, ensuring that every strategy we develop is as unique as the people we serve.

For those looking to sell, we craft bespoke marketing plans that highlight the distinctive features of your property, reaching the right buyers and securing the best possible outcome. Buyers benefit from our deep market knowledge and our ability to find homes that not only meet their criteria but also resonate with their dreams for the future.

Whether it's the family searching for their first home with enough room to grow, the professional seeking a seamless commute, or the investor looking for a promising opportunity, we make your goals our mission.


The fall real estate market presents a unique set of conditions in both Oakville and Burlington. Jamie Vieira & Associates, revered for their market acumen, invite you to explore these trends and their implications. Whether you're buying or selling, our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have the insights and support needed to thrive in today's market.

If you want to discuss the current market trends, reach out to Jamie Vieira & Associates. Your success is our ultimate goal.

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