5 Over Used Real Estate Terms

Wednesday Aug 29th, 2018


1. Priced To Sell What else would it be priced at? The assumption is, if you've gone through the steps to list your home on the open market then it's with the intent to sell.

2. Gleaming Hardwood Floors It seems that every home with hardwood floors is GLEAMING! Stop it people!

3. Show With Confidence What does this even mean? What if the realtor showing that day is feeling not so confident? Can we still show?

4. Backyard Oasis Unless there's a pool, drink station and covered porch with spa, stop saying this. A swing set and turtle sandbox is not my idea of an oasis

5. Chef inspired Kitchen While in some cases this may be true for the custom built homes, I can assure you that when a neighborhood has five different builders and bangs out 3000 homes in minimal time, there's a good chance a chef was not consulted on the kitchen design. Save this statement for the homes with professionally designed kitchens and remodels.

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