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Wednesday Oct 04th, 2023


Choosing the right real estate agents can make or break your property buying or selling experience. At Jamie Vieira & Associates, a top-producing team under Century 21 Miller, we set the gold standard in real estate in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton. This blog gives a detailed view of our services, processes, and what makes us unique in real estate.

The Company: A Legacy of Excellence

Jamie Vieira & Associates is not just another name in the real estate business. With a staggering 40 years of combined experience and over $800 million in sales, we have carved a niche for ourselves. Our commitment to service is encapsulated in our tagline, "The Service You Deserve."

Our reputation extends beyond mere numbers; it's built on a foundation of trust, reliability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We have been recognized with prestigious awards such as the GRAND CENTURION Award in 2021 & 2022. As well as consistently ranking in the Top 1% by Production for Century 21 Canada from 2008-2023. These accolades are not just trophies on our shelf; they are a testament to our dedication and hard work.

Expert Team

Led by Jamie Vieira, our team of seasoned professionals, including Elaine Murray and Sales Coordinator Tania Lima, ensures that every client receives top-notch service. Jamie brings a unique blend of experience to the table. Before entering the real estate sector in 2006, he owned and operated successful retail stores in Burlington, Mississauga, and Georgetown. His retail experience has helped him understand customer service, which he now applies to our real estate operations.

Client-Centric Philosophy

Our focus is always on you, the client. As Erin R., a satisfied client, puts it, "We were never just 'a listing'; Jamie and his team made a potentially horrible experience relatively painless." This client-first approach is deeply ingrained in our company culture. We understand that real estate transactions are often life-changing events, and we treat your decisions with the gravity they deserve.

Our state-of-the-art office in north Oakville is equipped with dedicated and experienced staff on-site, allowing us to react quickly to changes and keep you updated with the most recent developments concerning your property.

By choosing Jamie Vieira & Associates, you're not just opting for a service; you're becoming a part of a community that values integrity, professionalism, and, above all, your satisfaction.

Our Selling Process: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Selling a property is a complex endeavor that requires a well-thought-out strategy. At Jamie Vieira & Associates, we've honed a comprehensive 10-step process to ensure you get the best deal possible. Here's an overview:

  1. Hire a Real Estate Expert: The first step is choosing the right agent. We emphasize the importance of trust and compatibility over mere pricing. Our team is equipped to give you the best exposure, ensuring favorable terms and top price for your property.
  2. Prepare Your Home: Before listing, we recommend a thorough cleaning and minor repairs. We also offer a free consultation with a professional home stager to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers.
  3. Professional Photos and Marketing: Once your home is ready, we use high-quality cameras and equipment to capture its best features. The listing is then promoted to a wide range of potential buyers.
  4. Show Your Home: We use the latest booking software to schedule showings, usually lasting between 30 to 60 minutes. You'll be notified via text or email for confirmation.
  5. Feedback: After each showing, we collect feedback from potential buyers and their agents. This helps us gauge interest and adjust our strategy as needed.
  6. The Offer Presentation: Offers can be presented in various ways, but the decision ultimately lies with you, the seller. We guide you through the negotiation process, which can range from a few hours to several days.
  7. Hire a Lawyer: We can recommend experienced local real estate lawyers to handle the legal aspects of the transaction.
  8. Buyer Revisits Property: Prior to closing, the buyer may revisit the property. This is also when any appraisals required by the buyer's lender will take place.
  9. Time to Move: We advise you to plan your move well in advance to minimize stress. Whether you're hiring movers or doing it yourself, early preparation is key.
  10. Closing Day: A couple of days before the closing date, you'll meet with your lawyer to sign the necessary paperwork. On the day of closing, once the funds have been received, the deal is officially closed.

To establish your home's market value, we conduct extensive research to compile a Comparative Market Analysis. This includes looking at active listings, sold listings, and even cancelled or expired listings to gauge what the market is willing to pay.

By entrusting us with your property, you're not just getting a service; you're getting a partnership COMMITTED to your success. We take each of these steps seriously, ensuring that you're informed and comfortable throughout the entire process.

Our Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: The Game Changer

When it comes to selling your property, marketing plays a pivotal role. At Jamie Vieira & Associates, we've developed a robust 12-point marketing strategy that sets us apart in the industry.

  1. Preparing the Home: We offer a free consultation with a professional stager to ensure your home is market-ready. Our Accredited Staging® Professionals provide a detailed report to help you prepare your home for the market.
  2. Professional Photo/Video: Our in-house team uses high-quality cameras to capture your home's best features, ensuring it stands out in listings.
  3. Drone (Aerial) Photos/Videos: We offer drone footage to showcase your property and its surrounding amenities, giving potential buyers a comprehensive view of the area.
  4. Social Media Promotion: We leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to strategically place your listing in front of the right audience.
  5. Online Marketing: Beyond MLS, we also list your property on popular sites like Zillow and Homefinder.ca. We even purchase Google Adwords to drive more traffic to your listing.
  6. Customized Feature Sheets: We create stunning feature sheets that leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers, complete with professional photos and detailed information.
  7. Pricing Your Home Properly: We employ various pricing strategies to attract serious buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for your property.
  8. Showing Feedback: We collect and analyze feedback from showings to continually assess and adjust our marketing strategy.
  9. Networking: Being full members of multiple real estate boards allows us to post your listing to a network of over 60,000 Realtors in the GTA & southern Ontario.
  10. Open Houses: We believe in the power of exposure and regularly hold open houses to attract a broader range of potential buyers.
  11. Print & Outdoor Advertising: From billboards to direct mail, we utilize various forms of advertising to maximize exposure for your listing.
  12. Skilled Negotiation: Our experienced team is skilled in negotiation techniques that maximize your return, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

By employing this comprehensive marketing strategy, we not only aim to sell your property quickly but also strive to get you the best price possible. We take pride in our ability to offer top-notch service, from the initial consultation to the closing table.

Testimonials for Jamie Vieira & Associates

Charlene McCleary states:

"Jamie Vieira is genuinely trusted and very personable. He has an authentic approach with clients, always listening first, then guiding. We consider him expert level knowledgeable, given his tenure in the industry, as well as the fact that he is highly strategic, with a deep understanding and awareness of market conditions. Jamie is extremely professional, he and his full team are always available and super supportive during the whole experience."

Richard Xu states:

"Jamie is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about our neighbourhood. I was greatly impressed at our meeting, and selected him without any hesitation. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. In a market that slows down a bit, you will definitely need someone like Jaime that can give you timely feedback and good advices from time to time. Working with Jaime and his team has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me. I would highly recommend him and his team!"

Petra states:

"Working with Jaime and his team has been an absolutely wonderful experience. We listed our home for rent expecting it to be on the market for several months as there were 6+ more rental properties listed in the area. Jaime Vieira & Associates had it rented it two weeks!! The team is very professional and gets it done! We got what we were asking and so much quicker than expected. We highly recommend working with Jaime, you will thank us for it!"

Entrust your property dealings with Jamie Vieira & Associates and be the next satisfied client sharing a glowing testimonial!

Your Ultimate Choice for Real Estate Transactions

We offer an unmatched real estate experience. Whether you're buying or selling, our expertise, dedication, and comprehensive services make us your go-to choice.


How quickly can I expect my property to sell with Jamie Vieira & Associates?

While market conditions vary, our comprehensive marketing strategy aims to sell your property as quickly as possible, often exceeding industry averages.

How do you handle multiple offers on a property?

We have extensive experience in managing multiple-offer scenarios, ensuring that you get the best terms and highest price for your property.

What's included in your professional staging service?

Our staging service offers a free consultation with an Accredited Staging® Professional to enhance your home's appeal.

What areas do Jamie Vieira & Associates specialize in?

We focus on real estate in Burlington, Oakville, and Milton, offering expert advice tailored to these markets.

With Jamie Vieira & Associates, you're not just buying and selling properties; you're making informed decisions for a lifetime. Choose them for the service you truly deserve.

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