Are Your Must Haves Really Must Haves?

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2018


When your ready to buy a home, your realtor will usually meet with you and ask for your "must haves" or your "wish lists". This helps them narrow down the criteria in order to make the search process more accurate. Here are a few key considerations you should make before finalizing your list. Let's get started:


"I need GRANITE counter tops" This is a very common item we find on our home buyers wish list. But before you rule out looking at homes without granite or stone counter tops, do some research. What exactly is the cost per square foot to install a counter of your choice? What type of quality finish are you really looking for? How invasive of a Reno is it to have the counter tops installed after I move in? Is it possible for my realtor to negotiate the cost of new counter tops into my agreement of purchase and sale? Counter tops can be fabulous and they are very easy to upgrade or replace as well!


"No STAINLESS STEEL appliances...Don't bother!"

Often we will see clients rule out a home because the photos show a kitchen with white or black appliances. Again, it's time to ask yourself some tough questions (actually not that tough). Can I sell the existing appliances online? Could I donate them and have a charity pick them up while getting a charitable donation receipt? What is the actual cost of brand new appliances including delivery and set up? Many department stores offer a deferred payment plan with zero interest for x amount of months or special new customer incentives. Century21 Miller Real Estate has a partnership with the Brick that offers a great discount off new appliances.


"No Hardwood Floors??"

"Oh look honey, it's got carpet, I'm not going in" Flooring is another hot topic item that a buyer should seriously consider before passing up on a home. Ripping out old carpet and replacing with new hardwood of your choice is easy to do and won't break the bank. Decent hardwood flooring will start at around $5 per sq. ft. and the install will cost around $2 per sq. ft. To put that into perspective, an 18'x14' Family room would cost approximately $1800. So think twice before you pass up a great home because it has an old carpet.


These are only some items to consider when buying a home. It's important to remain clear on the real fundamentals that will directly impact your investment and quality of life. To me, must haves are location, layout, style, room sizes, lot size, school district, neighbourhood demographics, age of home and of course affordability. Talk to your local realtor or better yet talk to me and I can help you out with some of these tough decisions.

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